Hon. Laura S. Johnson Nominated by the JNC

As announced by the Palm Beach County Bar Association:


The Judicial Nominating Commission for the Fifteenth Judicial Circuit takes pleasure in certifying the following nominees to fill the three Circuit Court Judge vacancies created in the Fifteenth Judicial Circuit due to the elevation of Judge Robin Rosenberg and the resignations of Judges Ronald Alvarez and Timothy McCarthy:

1. Hon. Sara Alijewicz
2. Edward L. Artau
3. Hon. Thomas R. Baker, Ill
4. Cheryl Caracuzzo
5. Howard Coates, Jr.
6. Hon. Reginald R. Corlew
7. Adrienne Ellis
8. Manuel Farach
9. Thomas C. Gano
10. Hon. Laura Sellers Johnson
11. Dina Keever
12. Maureen Martinez
13. Scott Ira Suskauer
14. Kirk C. Volker
15. Hon. Maxine A.M. Williams


The Hon. Laura S. Johnson is the wife of West Palm Beach car accident attorney William E. Johnson. They reside in Jupiter, FL with their 3 children.

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